Transitions between seasons can sometimes be difficult. The weather is often unpredictable and our ever-present quest for metabolic homeostasis can be thrown for a bit of a loop. This is especially true during spring.

Spring is a time when we shift from storing our energies in Winter, the most Yin time of the year, towards rebirth, envisioning plans and moving clearly into action, branching out towards our most active (Yang) phase of the year, Summer.

Some people find the following symptoms appear or worsen during springtime:

* Muscular tightness, including neck tension, mid-low back pain, tight I.T. bands, tight tendons.

* Unstable emotions, such as irritability, frustration, anger, indecision, inability to express anger, difficulty in making plans and/or carrying through with plans, lack of clear vision (literally or metaphorically)

* Headaches, eye problems

* Allergies, low immunity, sinus/respiratory issues

* Feeling high strung or, alternately, tired and drained, or not well-rested

* Difficulty with digestion

Shiatsu alleviates these symptoms and eliminates imbalances that give rise to these disharmonies.

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