Two Locations: Hamilton and Toronto


“My shiatsu treatment with Matias was a small blessing.

I had been suffering from severe stress that also manifested itself in shoulder issues and a brain that was constantly running on worry.

Before and during the treatment he made me feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed and was able to explain my personal and physical ailments without fear of judgement, only a caring and attentive ear. For weeks after the treatment I felt the long-term effects of his work including a more relaxed peace of mind, and physically more comfortable and respondent body. I would recommend his practice to anyone.”

Ronley Teper, Musician


“The experience was deep, his approach intuitive, and I felt the positive effects for days afterwards.”

Scott Maynard, Musician

“In addition to being exceptionally professional, he has an incredible way of tuning into you and performing shiatsu procedures that get to the heart of the matter. After each session, I feel like a new person: any previous tensions or knots are alleviated and I am in a state of total tranquility. After the last session, I swore to myself that I would not go and see another regular massage therapist, instead I will go back and see Matias.”

Gorett Reis, Teacher

“Matias Rozenberg is, in my opinion, more than a shiatsu therapist, he is a true healer.

Through my sessions with him we worked on not only my physical issues but also the body/mind connection.

I truly feel that without his support I would have never recovered from Graves Disease, a disease that doctors said I could not recover from.”

Cora Simone, Organic Farmer

“He provided me with helpful information after the treatment. He is very knowledgeable.”

James VanBolhuis, Organic Food Distribution Manager

Matias Rozenberg , B.A., Dipl. S.T., M.S.W.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy


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Eight Branches 

358 Dupont Street

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